Nov 15

Ryback and The Secret

I stumbled upon this video of the wrestler Ryback. He shares his story about how reading the book "The Secret" literally changed his life for the better.

A lot of people don't believe in the Secret (Law of Attraction) but I can tell you from experience that it can work miracles in your life if you give it a chance. I shared my story in the book How I Designed My Life Using the Law of Attraction and You Can Too but I want to share his story here as well.

Enjoy the video!

Jun 15

Birds and Seaweed

One of my favorite passages in Florence Shovel Shinn's book The Game of Life and How to Play it discusses the little signs that the Universe gives you to show that you are on the right track for attracting what you desire. In the passage she tells the story of a woman who wanted to attract a set of dishes and received a cracked plate as a gift.

Florence told the lady that the plate was her "birds and seaweed," a sign that land (what she wanted to attract) was nearby. Shortly after the lady received the dish she got the set of dishes that she wanted.

Since I placed my Secret Check on my refrigerator I've noticed some interesting signs that money is on the way to me. I was placed in a register position at work, handling hundreds of dollars in sales a day, I find change regularly while I'm out walking, occasionally receive tips from customers, and now I've received an unexpected check in the mail.

Apparently I was overcharged on an insurance copay sometime in the past so the company sent me a check for five dollars to correct the issue.

I laughed when I saw that check because I knew that I attracted it.

I wonder what's going to happen next?

Jun 15

Attraction in Advance of Need

Some of the most interesting tales I've heard about the Law of Attraction involve people who attract things before they even know they need them.

Here is another story for the collection.

The other day at work this Amish lady came up to me and insisted on giving me a $2 tip to thank me for my service. I was flabbergasted (we don't normally receive tips in fast food restaurants) but I thanked her and pocketed the money.

Later that evening I decided to go to the laundromat and wash our laundry for the week. I asked my daughter to bring out her wash and she surprised me with a gigantic pile of dirty bath towels she had been hoarding in her room.

I had only enough cash budgeted for a small load; this big pile of towels meant that I would have to use one of the bigger washers. For a moment I debated on leaving the towels go until the next week but then I remembered the $2 tip that was in my pocket.

I had more than enough with the tip to wash everything.

Have you ever had the Universe provide you with something before you knew you needed it? Share your stories in the comments below.

May 15

Attraction and Romance

I've done quite well for a lady who has lived on her own for over 15 years. I don't even miss romance, though occasionally the desire crops up to meet that special someone.

For years I avoided relationships like the plague but now I've gotten to the point that the right relationship would be a nice thing to have. I was puzzled about how to attract this, however. I had read tales of women who made space in their closets, rearranged their garages to make room for "his" car, and even changed their sleeping habits to accommodate the mate they wished to attract.

None of these things felt right to me. I live in a very small home (by choice), so if I did happen to enter into a relationship, him living with me here was not an option. I have no desire to move elsewhere so that I can make room, so what's a single mom to do?

Since a relationship would be nice (but not necessary), I simply put the wish out into the universe for the perfect person to come into my life at the right time. Whenever he showed up would be fine with me because I am actually rather content with my current life.

In the months since I made the wish a startling thing has happened. More men notice me than ever before and try to attract my attention. None of them have felt like "the one" so I've simply thanked the Universe for the sign that the right person is on his way and went on with my current, happy life.

I know that I have some emotional barriers to still deal with so occasionally I read books or watch movies about women who meet men that are determined to overcome the hurdles that their ladyloves erect around them. Since I've started doing that, several gentleman have became rather dogged in the pursuit of my attentions. Still, none of them feel like the "right" one, so I've given thanks to the Universe and carried on.

The other day I was sitting at the laundromat when my eyes fell upon a book in the lending pile there (customers add or borrow books as desired to keep the pile alive). It was a romantic story about the single mother of a teenaged child who finally encounters Mr. Right.

A chill went down my spine when I saw that book. I just knew that the Universe placed it there for me to read so I took it home and devoured it. Like me, the mother worked hard in her own business but also had a job in the food service industry to support her child. I won't bore you with too many details but that little book was like a personal letter from the Universe saying "you're on the right path; he's on his way."

While I still haven't met him (that I know of) I am confident that I am on the right track. While I doubt that my romance will be as fast as they depict in romance novels, I am confident now that I won't be single forever.

What have you attracted lately?

May 15

Vision Board

Since the main place I sit when I'm at home is in the kitchen chair next to our refrigerator I've began using that as the place where I stick photos of the items that I wish to attract. So far this has worked pretty good so I've decided up up my game a little bit.

Now that money is no longer an issue I've printed out the Secret Check from the website of The Secret, filled it out for a really nice number, and placed it at eye level on my refrigerator so that I will see it every time I sit down in my favorite spot.

Let's see what happens, shall we?

May 15

Focus and Finances

One of the main things that many people want to accomplish using the Law of Attraction is an improved financial state. They are tired of struggling to pay their bills and want to be free of that burden.

Unfortunately, in most cases when people think of wanting more money they focus on the fact that they don't currently have enough--and all that does is attract more lack in the financial department.

While many Law of Attraction experts discuss this fact, very few actually demonstrate this principle in action. I've experienced it personally so it is time that changed.

Royalties and Focus

I began living off of my book royalties in 2011. I really loved this life but over time my royalties took a little dip. I became a bit nervous and started watching my numbers like a hawk.

No matter how hard I tried I would end up focusing on the fact that my sales were dropping. It made me feel like a failure and I scrambled to do something about it. Nothing worked. Little by little my royalties shrank, I became more and more nervous, and attracted even more of the same.

I finally decided to let go. Instead of obsessing over my dwindling sales numbers I went out and got a public job, a simple one that would pay all of our bills with money to spare. Once again I had more than enough and the royalties just made it even better.

Once I let go of my financial fears guess what? My book sales started going back up. I noticed it when I decided to check on my stats a couple of weeks later. The best part of that? I was so unconcerned about my books that I didn't check my stats because I forgot about them.

And now they are improving.

Once you let go of something that you want, to the point that it would be nice to have but no big deal either way, magic happens. You are able to wish without worrying, which gives the Law of Attraction room to work because you aren't muddying the waters by focusing on the lack of what you want.

This happens every time something comes into your life and you realize "hey, I attracted that" by something you said or thought weeks ago. Once I managed to attract a home this way (you can read the story about that in my book), and I've attracted other things as well.

Money is always a bit tricky to attract because we need it to live so most of us habitually live in fear of not having enough. When we are able to remove the fear, we are able to attract the money.

Mar 15

genesis of a writer

When I was very young my parents owned apartment buildings. Father would bring me any books and toys he found when he would clean the empty units out to prepare them for new tenants.

I would set the toys aside and dive at those books. I couldn't read yet (I didn't even know the alphabet), but I would look through those pages for hours.

It was on the empty leaves of those books that I penned my first stories. My hieroglyphics would tell the stories of my favorite cartoon characters (Spider Man and Scooby Doo) as they went on brand-new adventures that I would read to anyone who would sit still long enough.

My classmates wanted toys for Christmas. I just wanted a typewriter. I envisioned myself spending the day tapping away on the latest story as I filled countless notebooks with my ramblings.

Father saved up the money and bought me one.

My parents sat through many stories over the years. At first they would pat me on the head and tell me "good job." Eventually Father told me that my stories were really nice but that I would be better off focusing on medicine or finding a husband.

"Writers don't make enough money to live on," he told me gently.

I ignored him. I submitted story after story and soaked every rejection slip with tears.

Then I read The Secret. At first I was skeptical about the Law of Attraction. I had nothing to lose, however, so I gave it a shot.

I met someone who showed me how to make money writing articles online. A year later I was supporting us with those articles. By 2010 I had published my very first book.

In 2011 I began supporting my family from the royalties.

Florence Shovel Shinn wrote about this phenomena in her book The Game of Life and How to Play it. She discussed many who used visualization to attract their desires, just like I did with my writing career.

The Law of Attraction has changed my life in many ways. This is one of them.

It can do the same for you.

If you would like to learn how to use the Law of Attraction to achieve your dreams, read my book How I Designed My Life Using the Law of Attraction and You Can Too, available at many popular retailers.

Jan 15

Following Hunches

Sometimes the Universe will give us subconscious nudges to guide us to the things we want to attract. For instance, when I wanted to attract a certain style of mobile home several years ago, I had a hunch to first move to a small town that was ill-suited to us, then to rent a house that I really didn't like. Following those hunches placed me across the street from a lady who owned a mobile home in Paducah.

A bit of horse trading later and I owned a mobile home with the exact layout I desired, in a town that I adored.

Right now I've got a hunch to help out a friend in their local business. This means that I spend more time away from my writing than I would like but I know from experience that awesome things happen when I follow my intuitive leads.

The Universe wants to give us the things that we desire, but it doesn't just hand us everything on a silver platter. We have to follow our gut to make it happen.

Have you ever attracted anything by following a hunch? Share your stories in the comments below.

Jan 15

The Art of Action

One of the subjects that gets short shrift in Law of Attraction circles is the importance of action. We can wish all we want, chant affirmation after affirmation but if we don’t apply some action we will never receive what we want.

For instance, one of my intentions is to increase my book royalty income. I can sit here chanting affirmations until Doomsday but that’s not going to get it done.

I have to actually write the books.

Napoleon Hill wrote about action in his book Think and Grow Rich. He stressed the need to keep working even when you didn’t see any progress to avoid stopping three feet from gold like one gentleman he used as an example.

While intention and affirmations are wonderful things it is action that helps to bring our desires to us. As Wallace Wattles says “you must act in a Certain Way, so that you can appropriate what is yours when it comes to you.”

As you are taking action, you may receive hunches to do a certain thing. Follow these, for they come from the Universal Intelligence to help us receive our desires. For instance, when I wanted to find the perfect place to rent I received a hunch to walk down a certain street after some bad weather hit. One of the houses had been vacated just the day before.

How to Get What You Want

  • Decide what you want (set your intention)

  • Take action toward receiving your desire

  • Follow your hunches

  • Remember that your desire is on its way to you while you work, even if you don’t see any results

  • Be ready to receive it when it comes